Sump Pump Installation in Baltimore

We install sump pump systems throughout the Baltimore. These are systems we’ve tested alongside other brands to find the best pumping system for your home.

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A key part of any waterproofing system to prevent water from flooding your basement or crawlspace is the sump pump.

When a gravity drain is not possible, the sump pump is the device that protects your basement or crawlspace from ground- and rainwater. Of course, if your sump pump fails, your basement of crawlspace can get wet again the next time it rains. So be sure to get a high quality and long-lasting BDry sump pump system for your home.

The BDry Sump Pump System Installed in Baltimore

At BDry of Baltimore we only install sump pump systems that we have tested and have trusted through the years. Depending on the model we install, our sump pumps are protected by either cast-iron or stainless-steel casings. Manufacturer testing and high-quality materials mean a longer-lasting pump for you.

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Sump Pump Information

Pumps are typically identified by their pumping volume, measured by the number of gallons pumped per minute (GPM) and the amount of horsepower (HP) used to eject water. BDry’s pumps are available in a variety of GPM and HP options.

Based on the amount of water you have experienced our Certified System Designers or Service Technicians will recommend the right-size pump for your home and situation.

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